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Saturday, January 29, 2011

her name is britney spears..

hye there
happy reading yeah
ok,now i want tell u'll bout a girl
her name is britney spears
a famous singer long time ago
and now
she is drowning in her own world
hopefully,she will built up her career again
i miss her
u noe wat,mse ak kck2 dlu
i dreamt to be like her
on dat time,ak bwu na msk belasan tahun
kirenya drjah 4 r kut
ni sume,pengaruh kakak2 n abg2 ak yg crazy ngn aura si spears ni
sume cd,kaset n video clip spears dyowng beli
poster de r jgk,tapi mamy haramkan tampal pixca artis lam umah
but ak ni terbabas ckit
even so,i still do It!!!n she didnt angry with me
ak tampal pixca dy kat almari bju ak,hihi
body dy,fushhh gle ah..lawa doe
so ak dreamt to have it one too when i grow up
i wish when i get 20 years old
i will able to keep my body shape,like her
at last,trcapai jgak but the problem is,my height!!!
hmmm im nt sure spears's height bpe
but its ok,at least,kejadian ak sempurna,syukur alhamdulillah

ok,nie single dy yg second or third,if i nt mstaken,its second
i have it one too
but kaset r
time tu,mp3 mp4 ni,xidup lagi lam dunia ku
album dy yg latest2 nie,ak da xbeli lagi
download tnet je senang
lagu2 skrng pun kne plih2,sbb more to blue*
penat na dengar
dats it

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