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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


merajuk ke?merajuk sama lah ngan melayan perasaan bodoh..and i not dat stupid

kalau u did not start it first,xkan wujud istilah merajuk

kalau u be aware of ur mistakes,my mistakes,our mistakes,things xkan jadi camni

bile things happen,u said,u had promise b4 xna bt lagi,but u did again

wat do u think i am??

a robot??a stone??a concrite??

bile senyap,bile jadi pape,da start na salahkan owang

ibarat,salah orang je u can see,salah sendiri,...xde!!

kalau da kawan,bt cara seperti seowang kawan

be honest,dont lie to me,xde pape yg perlu diselindungkan

kita berlainan jantina,pliz be aware..b4 things getting worse

i might love u someday


or maybe

i might hate u

more than i hate when i did something bad to myself

cant u see that??cant u know that without im telling u here??

how heartless u r..i will never believe it

cuz u r human,u can say,i dont have feeling,im a heart stone person or watever

dont u think i believe it??

70%,30%...dat is it

it is just a word,tapi Allah taw what is in ur heart,and its showed from ur eyes

u come when u want to,and u leave when u want to

u tell me when u want to,and when the time,u want to shut ur mouth,u just do it..all of sudden!

do we need to talk bout dis face to face??do we need a special conversation??

no!it is enough,im tired..cuz u will never get what i meant

u close ur eyes,u close ur ears,but ur mouth keep saying,dat is my fault


for sure,there is nothing more i can say

cakap bnyak,bnda xde perubahan

improvement de,but more to negative side

dat is it??

xsemua bnda we can say when u or i want to know

xsemua bnda we can write when u or i want to know

but,we can watch it from how dat person react

xperlu na sorok pape from me,at last,i will know too

how heartless u r,pliz be aware..

'easy for u cuz u got nothing to do with me,but not easy for me cuz i got something from u'

'....' (kenyataan yang belum pasti)

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